Apr 16, 2010

Onion Sports Headed To Comedy Central

According to Comedy Central, the network has ordered ten episodes of The Onion Sports for a new show in 2011. I'm not familiar with the Sports version of The Onion, but I do typically find great humor in their other news spoofs. My favorite would have to be their faux-news report that the DEA Recruits Lil Wayne:

While this pop-culture centered news report tickles me, and I can see why Comedy Central wouldn't want another show similar to The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, the clip Comedy Central chose to highlight The Onion Sports doesn't do it for me. Maybe because I'm not a sports buff, but it seems like it falls as flat as MTV's TheCollegeHumorShow. Some things are just made for the internet's niche market. Or maybe this show will be a hit and keep me updated on what's happening, or, what's not happening in the sports world.

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