Apr 29, 2010

Steve Carell Leaving The Office

According to Comcast's Fancast news site, Steve Carell did an interview about the success of The Office and his latest movie co-starring 30 Rock's Tina Fey, and noted that he likely won't be returning to The Office after next season! Granted, who knows if The Office will get renewed for another season after the next season, as it's kind of a long ways away to guesstimate, but The Office without Michael Scott!?

Not that surprising to me actually. Carell's been an A-List, or at least a frequently in-demand B-List movie star for a long time now so it's surprising he's stayed this long on the show. While I love Michael Scott as a character, I'm not sure much more can really be done with him anyways, especially after one more season. As long as he gets a proper send-off, like he FINALLY finds the love of his life, and gets her pregnant (since his character desperately wants children) then I'll be happy. He can retire, or transfer, or whatever he wants to do. It's going to tug on a lot of heart strings and you know it! It'll be truly interesting who he gets replaced by though if the show continues without him.

Also, I can already see myself going crazy a full year or two down the road when Michael Scott makes a cameo or two in a future season. Even if they give him the perfect send-off, he owes the show that much!


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