Apr 28, 2010

Yard Sale!

So you're living in Alaska and in the mood to look for a box of old VHS tapes... what do you do? It's too cold for anyone to have a yard sale, and you are feeling pretty depressed that you can't get in on this action. Don't worry! Introducing Yard Sale Hidden Treasures: Sunnyville for the DS!

The first ever yard sale video game! Without looking at any details about it, if I had to make a game based on yard sales what would be in it?

-Wake up at 6am to start setting up.
-Go into garage and breath in dust thats has been there for decades.
-Bring out all your items, and place them on the ground. (Don't forget a lawn chair for sitting!)
-Do simple math and haggling skills. "I'll take this 25 cent item for 10 cents!" "NO!"
-Do this for 5 hours, pack everything up, and notice you made $12.35.

Mature rated game: Be able to run up to the cars just doing a drive-by-looky-lu, drag them out of their car, and stuff an old stuff animal into their mouth!

What the game is really about (description from Amazon):
* Use your stylus to move the screen around to carefully find hidden objects more easily
* Hidden object gameplay allowing players to embark on a world full of addictive hidden object gameplay using your DS stylus
* Journey and explore 12 different themed locations to complete your mission to find hidden treasures while meeting quirky new characters along the way
* Discover hidden stars in every level that awards players with bonus hints in order to get through levels faster
* Revisit locations to unlock all-new missions in a race to beat the clock

Look at this photo I got at IGN. You have to find objects at a yard sale... I think. Earth globe and flashlight are the only normal items, and possibly the bow-tie, but a FROG!? 3 APPLES!? What kind of sick yard sale are we at! What about a glass of lemonade at the children lemonade stand!?

So look forward to Yard Sale Hidden Treasures: Sunnyville coming out June first!

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  1. What about a lunar lander? That's even more odd than a frog and three apples. Is there a moon mission in this game or did the owners of the yard somehow come into possession of the spacecraft?