May 18, 2010

CBVGR: Alien Syndrome


Script: Welcome to the Clearance Bin Video Game Review by Organized Remains. We're playing Alien Syndrome on the Wii today. It's also available for the PSP. I personally got it on Goozex for 100 points, but you can find it for $5 other places.

The story to this game is the average alien story. What you're trying to do is to survive. You play as Alieen Harding... heh Alieen that's either clever or not clever at all. In the game you will find... aliens, and lots of them. To defeat these enemies you use some stick or a gun.

Alright I'm getting to what my bottom line is right now... I didn't like this game. Let me tell you some reasons why. First the game just doesn't look that graphically good, Metroid on the Gamecube looked better than this. Second the map was terrible, I think I'm next to an object, but it turns out I'm so far away from it. Look how long it takes me to get to that door... Third the game wasn't that fun to play. I beat the first level by killing all the enemies, but when I got to the second level I didn't want to do that anymore. I just started running, and before I knew it I ran threw level 2 with only killing one or two aliens... very repetitive.

I'm now on the third level, and I'm doing my same running through the level technique. I come to this elevator, and it says it's locked... I've had it. I couldn't take it anymore. It was either I run through the level again looking for the key, or I turn off the Wii.

To mention a plus the controls might be the only good thing about this game. By controls I mean the shooting controls. To look around you have to move the nunchuk, and I didn't care for that much. The shooting is very easy to control, and actually one of the best shooting controls I've seen on the Wii yet. You point at the screen... and it works!

Final Say: Some might think I didn't give the game a chance, but the purpose of playing a video game is to have fun. I was just running through the levels, trying to make it to the end. I wasn't playing it for the purpose the developers made it for. That's why I say skip over this game... unless you're really... really craving to kill some aliens... but then again there are so many other alien video games that are better! Any body say Half-Life?

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