May 22, 2010

CBVGR: Renegade and Target Renegade


Script: Welcome to the Clearance Bin Video Game Review by Organized Remains. This is the longest episode to this date, because we are looking at two games today. Renegade for the NES and its sequel Target Renegade also for the NES. You can find both of them around $5 shipped, or $10 together.

First we look at Renegade. Let me go over that yes it looks like Double Dragon, it is not a Double Dragon rip off though! It came out a year before, and Double Dragon is actually made by the same company that made Renegade!

Disagree with me or not, but the first thing I noticed about this game was the music, and how it reminded me of Snake Rattle N' Roll. Though I can't say this stole from Snake Rattle N' Roll because it came out after Renegade. I'll let you listen and decide if you see any similarities. I would say an 8-bit version of Renegade by the band Styx would be awesome, but I can't find one that exists. So Come Sail Away will have to work. Talking about recognizing things from this game though... this boss looks exactly like a guy from the movie The Warriors. "Get Lost Punk!"

You play as this fist pounding, kick jabbing, and flying kicking guy. Not sure why you have to do this, but it's the fun of it! The game is pretty hard, until you find out pressing both A and B make you do a jumping kick. The game is pretty much punching and kicking, until you get to this awesome motorcycle level where you... kick. Maybe a little boring after doing it for awhile, but I think it's a great NES game.

Time to punch my way to Target Renegade. First of all... why not Renegade 2? Turns out there is a Renegade 3 that was not released on a Nintendo console. So why Target Renegade? Video games do this all the time, but when I have my game collection in ABC order this messes with me! I would like having all the sequels together!

The game though looks like it's improved a lot from the first. The music even sounds a lot better! It's just weird that the main character almost looks exactly like the guy from Double Dragon. So this might actually be a Double Dragon rip off? Also the enemies look a lot like the wrestler Bret Hart... Interesting.

Not to much known about the story except you beat up people, and "Mr. Big has got your brother. Go get him. Good luck kid!" The controls are a little different from the first game, but took no time to get used to. Also I'm playing and I come across a heart on the ground, as if the heart came out of the guy I just destroyed. It's health and all, but... can I see that in slow motion? It hardly gives me anything! I guess it's better than the first game when I don't recall ever getting a heart.

I get to a boss that throws tires at me, and bam! Game over... there are no lives in this game, oh wait I'm sorry there is, but they are only attainable after beating a boss. I got to the second boss and it was the same tire throwing guy, and I died. Instead of having me at the boss again like the first game, it put me at the beginning of the level! While this makes me angry... I can't stay mad at this game for to long, because it is a lot of fun to play.

Final Say: I really enjoyed both games, some people think they're bad, but I think it's all just in taste. If you liked Double Dragon, and TMNT: Turtles in Time styled games, I think you will enjoy these games. While I do like Double Dragon and TMNT better, both Renegade games are great beat em up games.

Which would I say is better between the two? Close call, because they both have pros and cons. The first renegade had lives while the second one had hearts. If I have to pick though, I'm going with Target Renegade. I just found having more moves, and better music really helped the game.

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