May 10, 2010

CBVGR: Tony Hawk's American Sk8Land DS


Script: Welcome to the Clearance Bin Video Game Review by Organized Remains. We're skating on the DS playing Tony Hawk's American Sk8Land, not to be confused with American Wasteland. This will cost you around $5 to purchase.

Some people say the Tony Hawk series died after 4, and some people like myself say it died after Tony Hawk's American Wasteland. I'm playing American Sk8Land for the DS so I made it before what I think of as the Tony Hawk Acid Drop (skating term).

You play as a skater developing a skate park. The story isn't as in-depth as it was in American Wasteland on the consoles. It seems like they took the American Wasteland game and gutted it. The levels though I was very surprised to find were pretty big and fun to play, the graphics are not the greatest, but they're alright for the DS.

I was expecting the controls to be awful for this game. To my surprise they were not, and I was able to get used to the controls very quickly. To do special moves you have to tap the touch screen, so I barely used them. Also they use the touch screen to perform a freakout, which is mostly useless.

What I liked about the game was that they also have the classic mode, to complete goals in a certain amount of time. Also the soundtrack from the game I really liked.

Final Say:
Before this game Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Remix came out on the PSP, and by far that game is better than American Sk8Land. That wins the bagel if you own a PSP. If you only have a DS, and really like skating games, this wouldn't disappoint you. If you're not so much into the skating games, then try somewhere else for your skating needs... like on a console. If you only have a DS and no other system... I think this is your only choice.

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