May 27, 2010

Dilbert: The Movie

According to Slash Film a live-action film based on the comic strip Dilbert is in the works. Apparently the leading choice to play Dilbert is The Office's John Krasinski, who's likely to turn down the role due to strong, strong typecasting. So I'm going to ignore the rest of the facts about this movie and just make my own because I'm smart and no one else is.

A few years ago, I'd of said there's only one Dilbert.

Drew Carey!

However Drew's getting on in years and Hollywood's likely looking for someone younger, but if Drew Carey has no involvement it will have made his entire character on his show a waste! So I'd assign him to the character of bumbling balding, glasses-wearing mega-lazy best friend of Dilbert, Wally.

Playing the clueless, micromanaging Pointy-Haired Boss - Jon Lovitz!

Playing the angry, sarcastic Alice - a toss-up between Elisabeth Moss who's done amazing work on Mad Men, and Sarah Silverman. I'd be happy with either.

Victimized Indian intern Asok - Danny Pudi who plays Abed on Community.

Dogburt - I enjoyed Daniel Stern's voice-acting of the character so much, I'd bring him back to reprise the role.

And finally, to play the lead role of Dilbert!...


No, not really.

How about Andy Samburg, or even Jorma Taccone? Both have done great work in the film business thus far and really know how to engage the audience with their joke-timing.
 Samburg far-left, Taccone far-right. Sorry middle-guy.

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