May 28, 2010

Iron Maiden: Flight 666 Review

Before Watching: This summer there is a Rush documentary that I am looking very forward to. In the trailer they said that the makers made an Iron Maiden documentary, so I decided to check that out as I'm a big Iron Maiden fan.

Premise: Travel around the world in 45 days with heavy-metal legends Iron Maiden as they play 23 sold-out stadium shows from Asia to South America, battle the rigorous demands of an ambitious touring schedule, and even pilot their own custom-made airplane. Filmed during the Somewhere Back in Time world tour, this documentary grants viewers unprecedented access to the band members as they entertain nearly half a million fans. (Taken from Netflix)

My Highlights: The band Iron Maiden... duh. All the concert video, and interviews were great. Also the priest that has 162 Iron Maiden tattoos, and puts Iron Maiden lyrics into his sermons. On the blu-ray they had the documentary of the world tour, plus they also had another section where you can just watch each song from the line up live!

Overall Rating: The documentary does an amazing job showing the 45 day world tour of Iron Maiden. It's the most perfect Iron Maiden documentary you can ask for. I'm giving this film 5*'s out of 5 for showing the dedication going into this tour.

When You Should See It: If you're an Iron Maiden fan, or a metal fan, this documentary should not be missed. Go put it on the Queue!

You can buy Iron Maiden: Flight 666 at Amazon for $14.99 by clicking here.

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