May 9, 2010

More Mystery Items

Not too long ago I mentioned I bought a mystery item off of Thing Fling. This time I found a $1.99 mystery item on T and T Daily Deals, and a $7 mystery video game pack with three games on Game Deal Daily. Since they both had free shipping, I thought I would go for it and see what happens.

The $1.99 T and T Daily Deal I received a USB SD Card Reader. I've actually have been needing to get one of these, and just never got around to it. So this deal was great for me, and left me very happy.

The $7 mystery over at Game Deal Daily got me three games. The first one is Frontlines: Fuel of War. From the ratings I'm seeing for this game, it's getting pretty good scores. It looks like a futuristic first person shooter. It says on the back that you can fly, drive and shoot 60 weapons and vehicles in an open world. I'm looking forward to playing this game which costs $7.25 by itself on Amazon.

The second game I got was MotoGP 08. Looking at it, it just seems like a thrown together racing game. I took a look at the ratings and was surprised that it got pretty good scores. $3.99 by itself on Amazon, I'm now looking forward to playing this game. Some poeple say, "This has to be the most perfect racer ever."

The third and final game is Uno: Undercover. I guess in this game you play as a spy and uno professional seeking out bad guys. I'm looking forward to playing this game, just to see how crazy they make the story about catching bad guys by playing Uno. The reviews are meh, but I was predicting that. Uno Undercover is $6.60 on Amazon.

Final Say: Each game was in mint condition and still in the plastic wrap. I'm glad I did both mystery items. You can look forward to Clearance Bin Game Reviews of each game in the future because these games look like they will be great reviews.

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