May 26, 2010


I was watching Mythbusters last night, and one of the hosts Jamie said something along the lines of "People always ask if we ran out of myths yet, and no we have not. We have a forum for people to tell us myth ideas, and sometimes that's where we find some pretty cool myths to test out."

I decided to check out the forum, and maybe post the myth of the TV ruining your eyesight myth on their forum. I found that there are a lot of people on the forum, actually putting out some good myths out there. Seeing this actually showed me a good future for the show in the way that they will never run out of myths to bust. However there were some pretty terrible ideas for them to test out on the forum.

For example:
The Dryer Lint Myth. Will leaving the dryer lint in the dryer cause the dryer to catch fire? Everyone's told me this, from my mother, to The Simpsons. In the episode Marge is afraid of flying, she tells Homer that she forgot to clean the lint from the dryer, so if someone was to break in and do laundry it would cause the house to burn down... Yes I'm a bit of a Simpsons' fan.

Speaking of the Simpsons there was a thread dedicated to find myths in The Simpsons. One was the time Bart put about 15 megaphones in front of each other to cause a very loud sound. This then destroyed a ton of windows. When I watched the show I thought... it could happen. Now I'm thinking... that must be impossible... still wanna see it tested. Tons of myths from The Simpsons though, from Homer's make-up gun, to Marge's hair. From what I've seen... if Mythbusters doesn't do an episode to test the greatest cartoon series of all time, then we will never know if they can recreate the Springfield Gorge jump!

Also test if the ape in Dustin Checks In is real... How can an ape act so well?

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