May 20, 2010

New Album/Rock Band: Judas Priest Review

Awesome live version of Living After Midnight.

Recently Judas Priest re-released their album British Steel because it's 30 years since it originally came out. Also they released the Live album of British Steel on Rock Band. I'm a pretty big fan of Judas Priest, so I bought the album on Rock Band. You should buy the real album as well though because you get 27 songs live and whatnot for only $12.99. The Rock Band album is what I'm here to review.

To start it off, you only get 9 live tracks from the album. The most popular tracks being Breaking the Law and Living after Midnight, which are awesome live and very fun to play on Rock Band. The band really gets into it, and gets the audience involved. I would say that the songs United and The Rage while they're good songs, they are some what boring to play on Rock Band.

Final Say: Even though there were two songs that were boring, since if you buy the whole album pack, you get a discount. It's $14.99 for the album pack, or $18 for all the songs by themselves. $14.99 is the way to go if you're a fan of Judas Priest like myself and loved the album British Steel. If you're not a giant fan, you should still pick up Breaking the Law, Living After Midnight, and Rapid Fire. They are really great songs to play on Rock Band.

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