May 24, 2010

Nintendo DS for kids

Super Mario Galaxy 2 getting great reviews is all over the web, but what about Helen? Helen is a 6th grader that had to write a letter to a company of her choice. What did she choose? Nintendo of course!

The letter explains that she is a big fan of the company, but she has a small problem. As she does own a Wii, the problem is that she doesn't own a DS. She explains how most DS games are not on the Wii, and she thinks games on the DS look really fun to play. Her parents won't buy her a DS, so she asks a favor from Nintendo. Well Nintendo's response is a DS for Helen. Also I believe all her classmates received one as well.

I have to say that Helen is right! The DS does have better games than the Wii! May I recommend Pac-Pix? One of the best DS games that no one has played!

If you want to see the letter, and response check out the link!

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