May 1, 2010

Pixeljunk Shooter


Today I'm reviewing Pixeljunk Shooter for the PS3. It's only available on the Playstation Network, and will cost you $9.99, on Amazon or the Playstation store.

This video was recorded from using the game's video recorder. It also has the option to put in your Youtube information and you can upload right to your account. I'm just going to play through a level or two.

The game has you playing as a small ship of some sort. You must go down into the earth to find survivors and diamonds. Causalities can happen from lava, oil, and even your own gun. If you end up killing 5 survivors, you will have to start over. Which never happened to me once. Diamonds are also needed for moving on to the next episode.

When it comes to rescuing survivors it's a pretty easy game. Not getting your ship destroyed is more difficult though. I don't know an exact time, but I think it took me around three hours to beat the game's three episodes.

The graphics are pretty cool, and mashes old school with new school. The level designs are awesome, but rescuing survivors and collecting diamonds got a little repetitive near the end of the game. All the different types of terrain, enemies, bosses, and types of ships you can be, make the game really neat. Not much to complain about except a little repetitiveness, and there was this one level I had no idea you could break a rock using your spin move. I had to look online cause I spent forever trying to figure it out.

Final Say: If you like old school games like myself, then this will be nice to have on your PS3. We probably all have played games similar to this, but that doesn't mean it's not a nice game. 3 hours is kind of a short time, but after you beat it, theres still diamonds to collect, so there is replay value to it. For $10 go pick it up, or play the demo if it's available.

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