May 2, 2010

We'll Miss You Lala

According to Rolling Stone and's own website, Lala will be closing down May 31st. Apple bought out Lala six months ago and is now pulling the plug, but some are speculating for a greater good. What made Lala great was that unlike iTunes and Amazon that only allow for 30-second previews of songs, you were granted one full-listen to every song on an entire album in it's entirety. Then, after the one freebie, you got the 30 second preview. In an age where you have the argument of "30 seconds isn't long enough" to "how am I supposed to discover new bands I like?" fueling internet piracy, Lala seemed like a brilliant and rational step for corporate giants to be adapting to their consumers' needs. The silver lining to this is that Apple is now being pressured by water-cooler rumors the world-over to pick up where Lala left off, adapting their one free listen method to iTunes. The downfall if this happens? It's still iTunes. BUT! With a little luck, Amazon will adapt to iTunes' adaptation. Fingers crossed. Rabbit's foot ready. Horse shoe shined.

But tonight I mourn Lala, and give tribute to a great idea. Expect some albums reviewed before the site closes for good.

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