Jun 25, 2010

Blur the Story

On Sunday the gaming community went wild because of a little game called Blur. A racing game that just came out in May that is usually $60 became $10! This is how it works. First the game became $40 on sale at Best Buy, then Best Buy is giving away $10 off coupon to reward zone card owners, and finally the makers of Blur are throwing in a $20 off coupon. $60, $40, $30, $10!!!!!

On Sunday when the deal went live, I was reading through Cheap Ass Gamer and came across the thread. I was reading that it's working for 50% of the people, and failing the other 50%. So I sat in my chair, and thought about if I should go through with it. Half the time I don't like Best Buy, and the last time I went in I didn't have a good trip, so it was bothering me. I decide to go through with it. What's the worst that can happen, I don't get the game right?

Well on Sunday I'm getting the coupons and the $20 off one on Blur's website coupon works perfectly. The rewards zone one is a different story, turns out I'm not apart of their website? So I have to activate my card that I've had forever. I get to the part that it says click the link in the activation E-mail. I go and check my E-mail, and nothing is there. I keep checking throughout the day, and nothing. I give up.

I wake up Monday morning to see an E-mail. Took them over 12 hours to send me an activation E-mail! Oh well, so now I have the coupon. Now the quest officially starts. I get in my car and drive. During the drive I'm just thinking of different ways this can go through, and I almost make myself think there is no way Best Buy will let this happen.

I get to Best Buy, and I go into the store. Right where the games are I'm headed. I find Blur, and see many copies of it. This makes me think alright no one has got this game because they wouldn't allow the coupon!

I get to the cash register, and she rings up my reward zone card, and reward zone coupon. Now it's time to see if the other one works! She scans it, it seems like time slowed down. Nothing happens... so she scans the coupon. A message on the computer reads invalid coupon. My brain explodes inside my head, while I wait for the "You can't use both coupons talk." The girl behind the register then types something into the computer and says, "Your total is $9.99."

I walk out of the store in a happy mood, and for now Best Buy is back on my good side.... epic right?

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