Jun 1, 2010

Brand New Eyes by Paramore Review

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Artist: Paramore
Album: Brand New Eyes
Release Date: 09/29/2009
Tracks: 11
Run-Time: 59:57

Track Rundown:
(All ratings out of 5 *'s.)

1) "Careful" - A pretty solid open to the album that leaves a good impression for what the rest of the album may hold. Some great guitar work and some quotable lyrics, but there's something in the foundation that's just lacking a little something extra, keeping this track from reaching soaring heights. 4 *'s, which for the fourth single of the album isn't too bad.

2) "Ignorance" - I'm glad I didn't review this album as soon as it came out because I initially wasn't a fan of this track (which is the first single of the album and is supposed to be the hook to bring in the patrons). Having heard it a few times over the course of six months I can say I really have a new appreciation for it. It's not Crushcrushcrush or Misery Business, but 'different' shouldn't, and doesn't mean 'bad'. It's got a very deep rooted punk rock heartbeat to it which I think earns it some strong points. 5 *'s, deserving of it's choice as the album's first single.

3) "Playing God" - Quotable and relatable but the track lacks some consistency. In a lot of the verses it's an average, albeit well performed pop song that you might find in a Katy Perry or Kelly Clarkson album. Then the chorus gets gritty and rough, which in some song instances works, but comes off a bit awkward in this track. 3 *'s.

4) "Brick by Boring Brick" - The second single off the album and very possibly more deserving than the first. This one screams Punk Rock and is smash-mouth, morbid and aggressive while maintaining the flirtatious femininity of lead singer Hayley Williams. 5 *'s.

5) "Turn It Off" - While not a standout of the album, I wouldn't skip it if it came on over the speakers. It was strongly put together, keeps your foot tapping, and may very well be a favorite for you that just wasn't for me. A worthy 3 1/2 *'s at least.

6) "The Only Exception" - Yes. That is what I have to say about this track - yes. Everything in this acoustic, soft tempo, semi-emo but very beautiful song is right. 5 *'s without doubt, and how this third single didn't receive more acclaim is why I'm glad I do these reviews.

7) "Feeling Sorry" - Like the track "Turn It Off", a strongly put together song that I can't really find anything wrong with, but just doesn't have the strenght that the singles do. Also like the previously mentioned track, not likely to be skipped if I heard it come over my speakers. So another cemented 3 1/2 *'s.

8) "Looking Up" - An uplifting, positive, optimistic track by Paramore? Most music critics say yes! I say no. This one outright bothered me and came off as forced. I'm sure it was written earnestly and believed in, but it felt like the sell-out track that's written for the corporation to profit off of. I'm likely being too critical, but really, I don't have any problems giving this track 1 1/2 *'s.

9) "Where The Lines Overlap" - A slight improvement from Looking Up, while still maintaining a fairly positive message - "No one is as lucky as us. We're not at the end but oh we already won. No one is as lucky as us. Is as lucky as us." There's also more effort put into the formatting and organization of the song including such special effects as drop-offs and harmonizing with the the long stretched out vocals. 3 *'s, though a generous one.

10) "Misguided Ghosts" - Experimental and daring, very raw and unplugged, but not too bad. I've seen this track catch criticism but comparing it to the dreadful "Looking Up", it's a 3* track.

11) "All I Wanted" - A strong rock-love song to close out the album. Not fancy but quite beautifully put together. The whole thing sounds like one flowing harmony and really left a good impression on me. 4 1/2 *'s. And the answer to what it was All I Wanted = Was You.

My Highlights:
The singles of this album are definitely worth the money put into them. If you want a good idea of whether or not this album is for you, take a listen to "The Only Exception", "Brick By Boring Brick" and "Ignorance".

Overall Rating:
The average rating for the tracks on this album come to about 3 3/4 *'s out of 5, which I think is a pretty good representation of the album. Occasionally I'll give brownie-points to an album for it's runtime, number of tracks, hit-to-miss ratio, but this album gets none because while I felt the majority of the tracks were very strong and there isn't a lot I would change about the album, it was rather short and there wasn't any hidden gems. For those new to the blog, a hidden gem is a track that's amazing but doesn't get a lot of radio play, so when you buy the album off the strength off the advertised singles, you feel like you've discovered a hidden gem. And as a side-note, today was the last day Lala.com was active, so officially, rest in peace Lala, you gave us many a good opportunity to review albums.

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