Jun 17, 2010

CBVGR: Samba De Amigo

Video Review:

Script: Welcome to the Clearance Bin Video Game Review by Organized Remains. Shake Shake Shake the controllers as we play Samba De Amigo for the Wii. You can find this game for $10, or get it for 100 points on Goozex like I did.

In Samba De Amigo you point the WiiMote and Nunchuk in the direction the icons show you. When the notes hit the circles, you then shake the controllers to the beat. Let me quote the back of the case. "A maraca-shaking fiesta of fun!"... Sounds like a great game right? You're at a fiesta... party for you English speaking people, you got some maraca-shaking action, and you're having fun!... Right? Well to have a party, you need at least two people right?

While there is a single player mode, think about it. You're shaking these WiiMotes around to La Bamba, and you're boss walks in. Either you'll get promoted to lead teacher down at the local school for maraca-shaking, or you'll be demoted to cleaning the toilets at the local movie theater dressed in a VHS tape costume for $3.50 an hour! We want a fiesta! Take the dusty friends out of the attic, because playing this game with chums will let you enjoy it more.

Well to have a good music game, you gotta have some good music. Thankfully I found the set list for this game to be decent. Sure it's not the best soundtrack to a game, but for a maraca-shaking game it will do.

We now have a song, and a fiesta. How is the actual game? There is a list of mini games to choose from for multiplayer. I suggest playing the quick play option, because I found the mini games to be lame, but I guess the love one was alright. When it comes to actually playing the game, the shaking doesn't work perfectly, but once you get use to it, it can be fun.

Final Say: The fun might not last long for some people out there, because it couldn't keep me glued to the screen. While I was joking about the single player at the beginning, and it can be fun to play by yourself, I would suggest this game as more of a party game. If you think shaking the WiiMote would be fun, go for Samba De Amigo. If you think that sounds like a bad idea, you might want to go somewhere else.

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