Jun 16, 2010

Director Wants To Do Wonder Woman Movie

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According to Movie Line, Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn (known for The Pusher Trilogy and Bronson) did an interview where he showed a great amount of interest in doing a film based off of the DC Comic franchise, Wonder Woman. While DC Comics haven't shown this director any hints of interest they want him to do the movie, it's kind of awe-inspiring to me that anyone would volunteer to tackle that project. Granted, I haven't seen any of Nicolas Winding Refn's films, though Bronson is on my Netflix Instant Watch Queue, but what he describes in the interview for Wonder Woman makes me think he has a better head on his shoulders for the issues than anyone else.

Hit Upon Points of Wonder Woman:
- Shouldn't be excessively violent and gory. Yes, she's an Amazonian Warrior, but it's a character tailor made to inspire children.
- It's not the kicking butt that should intrigue people, it's the idea of a world where women are stronger than men.
- In addition to that theme, it'd involve a culture clash, where a woman stronger than all men is no longer in her world where it's the norm. Does she conform to a man's society, or do men conform for her?
- Kicking butt would still be involved, but you have to find the right villain.
- Wonder Woman villains in the franchise suck.
- Seriously. Read above-point.
- The biggest problem to tackle is finding if the lead villain is a man or woman. Man-on-woman violence is bad in Hollywood. Woman-on-woman violence is either hot, or dry and uninteresting.
- Maybe Wonder Woman's mother is the villain? Goin' Biblical all up in this house.

So overall, wow. This guy is looking in the eye of a storm and saying "Someone get me my rain coat."

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