Jun 14, 2010

Franklyn Review

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This film follows the life of four strangers, one of whom is not of present day or possibly dimension. In modern day London we follow Emelia a morbid art student wishing to kill herself to punish her mother, Milo a lonely love-scorned loser wishing for a new romance, and Peter an old man looking amongst the homeless shelters for his long-lost son. Juxtaposed against these stories is the tale of Jonathan Preest a masked vigilante in post-apocalyptic looking religion-enforced Meanwhile City with a score to settle.

Meanwhile City is holy-crap-awesome looking. The entire plot of Jonathan Preest's story is incredibly intriguing and well-done for a Superhero film, while the directing and special effects of the post-apocalyptic world are stunning. Unfortunately all of the surprising reveals of the film fall pretty flat. And speaking of flat, the action scenes were decent at best. With masked vigilantism, you know there's going to be some hand-to-hand combat but things more often than not felt kind of half-hearted.

My Highlights:
Jonathan Preest's describing of the world that is Meanwhile City. Nothing will impress me more about this movie than the telling of a vengeful faithless man living in a tyrannical city where everyone is forced to have, and recite upon asking, their religion. There's a little bit of force-feeding 'religion is bad' message in the description but it's something I've never seen done so uniquely and I thought it was really cool.

Overall Rating:
It wasn't an awful movie but baring one fourth of the movie's premise there's not a lot to take away from the film. I'll give it a 2 3/4 *'s out of 5, or 5 1/2 *'s out of 10.

When You Should See It:
It's not a film that all your friends have seen and will be talking about, or even just the first part - it's not a film that all your friends have seen. For a pretty unknown movie it's likely to stay that way. It's a film not worth the effort to actively steer away from but also not a film to make the effort to see.

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