Jun 15, 2010

Kansas, Foreigner, and Styx oh my!

Yesterday I went to the United We Rock tour concert featuring Kansas, Foreigner, and Styx. Kansas was good, Foreigner was great, and Styx was epic! There isn't much to say about the music except it was awesome! I'm just going to talk about what happened at the concert.

Lawn Seats: My girlfriend and I received free Lawn Seat tickets. Lawn Seats are the furthest away seats from the stage, but since they were free we can't complain. I can complain about the other people at the concert though. When you're on the lawn, you just pick a spot and set your chairs up. We are all set up, and these two high school kids show up without chairs and just sit in-front of me. He kept putting his hand on my shoe accidentally, and I would have been fine with this except THERE WAS PLENTY OF ROOM INFRONT OF HIM TO MOVE UP! Thankfully he didn't sit on my lap, and left after Kansas walked off the stage.

The lawn seats are the only seats at this place that people can smoke. No one blew smoke in my face surprisingly, but it seemed like every 10 mins they went for another one. I don't smoke, but I believe smoking is suppose to relax you a little... do you really need to relax that much at a concert!? Once again I could be wrong since I don't smoke.

People behind us:
Lets go to a concert that features Foreigner, and talk about how we don't like Foreigner! You know how someone always yells Freebird at a concert? The guy behind me yelled "Skynyrd!" As if he didn't know what the song was. Way to be awkward, group behind us!

Shirts: My girlfriend left the seats to find a bathroom and a pretzel. When she came back, she surprised me with a very awesome Styx shirt! She told me that someone said this at the merchandise stand, "$30 for a T-shirt? I would understand if it was Nickelback." Do I have to explain more?

Leaving: Leaving a concert is usually a pain. You gotta be patient, so we waited in the car to let the traffic die down. Right across from our car is these two high school students (I'm guessing freshmen) standing on the back of their truck. Just laughing, saying "Have a good night!" To each car that passed, you know stupid high school stuff. Then my girlfriend noticed they're drinking liquor straight from the bottle. They had it out in the open, and I thought about how easy it would have been to bust these kids. I'm guessing their parents went to see the concert, and they couldn't arrange a babysitter so they told them to wait at the truck.

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