Jun 2, 2010

Movie Review: Metal: A Headbanger's Journey

Before Watching: Alright I saw Iron Maiden: Flight 666, now to watch another documentary by the same person that is making the Rush documentary that comes out this Summer. I like metal music, so this looks like I could enjoy it a lot.

Premise: Toting his camera to the forests of Norway, the streets of Birmingham, Ala., and the dark side of Los Angeles's Sunset Strip, filmmaker and self-proclaimed headbanger Sam Dunn explores the heavy metal culture from the inside (and, sometimes, even he's shocked at what he finds), shedding light on the extremes associated with the art form. An authentic soundtrack includes music from Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Slayer, Motorhead, Rush and Slipknot. (Taken from Netflix)

My Highlights: Dee Snider... always liked Twisted Sister, but never knew he went on Capital Hill, and defended his right to rock! It's something you have to see. Also the documentary had a lot of great interviews with great people of the music industry like Lemmy from Motorhead to Geddy Lee of Rush.

Overall Rating: While I enjoyed the Iron Maiden: Flight 666 documentary more, A Headbanger's Journey is a great documentary and shouldn't be missed by any metal fans. I'm giving this film a 4*'s out of 5 for showing a lot of information I would have never learned about metal, and all the great interviews.

When You Should See It: You a metal fan? Yes? Go see it now. You're not a metal fan? You should pass. What you will see might scare you.

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