Jun 6, 2010

Mystery Team Review

Video Review:


Nick: Recently we saw the low-budget film Mystery Team, created by the online comedy crew, Derrick Comedy.

Shawn: Three kids on their way to high school graduation are still mentally stuck at the age of seven, an age they received neighborhood fame for solving a minor local mystery. The leader of the team, Jason "The Master of Disguise" (played by Donald Glover of Community fame) decides The Mystery Team needs a big case to be taken seriously again! Just like when they were seven! Unfortunately the case they take is the double-murder that left two girls orphaned, one of which Jason immediately falls head-over-heels for.

Nick: What stands out to us at Organized Remains is that this was filmed in Manchester, New Hampshire, which is right by our hometown! But we won't show favoritism for location. If I had to complain about one thing that bothered me a little it was the acting performance of Jason's romantic interest, Kelly (played by Aubrey Plaza of Parks and Recreation fame). Not a big complaint, just wished to see her have more emotions.

Shawn: I have to disagree. She's the dead-pan that reminds viewers that in this film, the main characters are goofy, and everyone knows it.

Nick: We might disagree with that, but we both agree the worst part about this movie are the reviews professional critics and even the people renting movies over at Netflix gave it.

Shawn: I've read such critiques that it's tone is too confusing, being about childish adults surrounded by smut and vulgarity. Look at the cover! If you can't tell that this is going to be somewhat childish then you shouldn't be able to pick films out of the comedy category.

Nick: "Worst I've ever watched." "Bad acting and not funny." "They should be called Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest instead."

Shawn: I've read critiques of, I kid you not, the camera shots being too long rather than cutting to different shots. To these critics we say, shut up.

Nick shaking his head: Just shut up. You're the reason we do reviews on this website.

Shawn: There's not a single human being I know that has ever turned down the opportunity to see a movie because "No thank you, I want more cinematic cuts!" Frankly big name critics, you're opinions are dated, antiquated and close-minded.

Nick: Entertainment value is why people visit the cinema or get caught up in film. And of the reviews I've read, among all the bad reviews, they all admitted it was an entertaining and funny film. So what's the problem? Yes it's childish, but if you go in being serious, you're not going to like this movie!

Overall Rating:
Shawn: We are giving this 5*'s out of 5*'s because it's the funniest film we've seen in awhile.

When You Should See It:
Nick: If you look at the trailer and think it would be funny, then right now! If you look at the trailer and think it's a kid's movie... never.

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