Jun 4, 2010

O.R.B. Backloggery


Script: A couple of days ago I announced that I was putting Organized Remain's collection of games on Backloggery. I put a couple of hours into this project, and it's done. I might find games that I missed, but it's done for now. I will update it every time I find a game, or receive one.

I'm even surprised at the results. I have over 400 games in my collection. Now before you say I have a video game buying addiction, let me say that my collection has been building since I was a kid. Also half of my Sega Genesis games came with the console when I bought it (same with my NES/SNES systems). Since I have three SNES consoles and two Sega Gen consoles, I got a lot of games bundled with them each time I got one. I looked at it as buying a bundle of games, and a system happened to come with it. Also yard sales can have a bundle of games available.

Why would someone like myself do this you ask? I look at it as a to do list. Also I wanted to give a chance for viewers to pick reviews for me to do. If you look at my collection, and see a game you want to know more about, just let me know through message, or comment. I'm more opt to doing a review of the game, and beating the game if I know someone wants to see a review of it. This hopefully will get me to play through the games I have not even played before.

Let me help you understand the site a little. There are three different icons, one for unfinished, beaten, and completed. If you click on one of them, it will show all the games in that category. Also there is a list of all the systems I have, all the games I gave a 5 star rating, and a wishlist of games I want. If you want to see what NES games I have, just click the NES logo. If you want to see what games I have not started or finished click the unfinished button.

I have put info into most of the games, telling you if I didn't start the game, or how far I've gotten into a game. Some of the unfinished games I probably will never beat, but I still played them a lot. So just because it says unfinished doesn't mean I will beat it, some of them just mean I want to beat it. Also when you're looking at my collection, you might come across a black circle with a white line. This means the game is either impossible to beat like Sim City, I only play the multiplayer, or I don't plan on ever beating it cause I don't like the game.

I hope you get a chance to check out my collection, and let me know if you want to see any reviews. Give me a list of ten games if you want! The more the better! I will even mention your YouTube name, and put a link to your channel when I do the review. Just don't be offended if I don't get a review of a game you requested right away.

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