Jun 29, 2010

Organized Remain's Overview 3


*Nick walks in singing Samba De Amigo*

Nick - Jon what are you doing?

Jon - Playing the drums, and reading Falling Up by Shel Silverstein.

Nick - Well Shawn and I are planning on shooting an Organized Remain's Overview.... So leave!

Jon - You can't make me leave! Mom said that I don't have to listen to you, and if you have a problem then you can just *bangs on drum* beat it!

Nick - Fine, just don't be too loud when Shawn gets here!

*Later on*

Shawn - Welcome to the Organized Remain's Overview. I'm Shawn, and next to me is Nick. It has been awhile since the last O.R.O. and lots to talk about.

Nick - That's right I would say that it's movie time of the year. It just seems everything in the news is about movies coming out, Scott Pilgrim, A Smurf and Crow remake, and an awesome Mortal Kombat trailer that sadly doesn't have the theme. *Jon starts a drum beat* We also saw the film Mystery Team by Derrick Comedy, and made our first video... Jon shut up!

Jon - *Yells from off camera* Can't you move out already?

Shawn - I thought your little brother had summer poem camp?

Nick - I did too, but here he is! I'll go take care of it.

Shawn - *looks at camera* Uh... *Cough* Anyways we also saw the movie Eagle Vs. Shark. Which was a movie similar to Napoleon Dynamite. It was an alright movie, nothing spectacular with a 3.5*'s out of 5*'s. If you like dumb people that will have a conversation like *Cuts to Nick and Jon*

Nick - Dude, your drumming skills are weak. If there was a weak drumming skills contest you would come in 3rd because you're so weak. I can't believe people say I look like you.

Jon - Well I know you're wrong. I mean with teaching from Bryan Hitt, you're head is pretty much brain dead... in the head.

*Cuts back to Shawn*

Shawn - Uh a new show called Dual Survival, and Nick can tell you more about that... *Yells* Nick! It's still recording! Talk about Dual Survival!

Nick - Oh Dual Survival is this new show on Discovery, that takes two survival experts and makes them work together. It's pretty awesome.

Jon *Yells from off camera* - You couldn't survive two hours in the back of mom's minivan!

Nick - Jon sometimes stupidity can be multiplied by 32... you're that case. You know you're so *Jon starts banging on drums, and yells I can't hear you! Over my awesomeness!* like a wild rabbit,*Shawn gives the sign to turn off the camera* so helpless against my power of a human being.

*Camera off*
*Nick off screen*

Shawn - Nick had to attend... uh let me just wrap this Overview up by saying Organized Remains has put its video game collection on Backloggery. Check it out the link is in the description, and make some game recommendations! There are a lot of games we haven't played yet! Also always check out OrganizedRemains.com. It's updated daily! Bye!


Samba De Amigo musical


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