Jun 7, 2010

Phil Review: 3D Dot Heroes

Video Review:

Phil: This is Phil and Kent back again to do a review on the game 3D Dot Heroes on the PS3. I'm old, this game seems old... can it be trusted? I'm having difficulties picking a character from all these people... Santa...Funk? Poochie? President?

Kent: Just be the first guy and start the game already!

Phil: The game seems pretty cool, the water looks a little too realistic for my tastes if I do say so myself.

Kent: H2o OMG. The water isn't important in this game! It's the mega sword... all the way to the bank!

Phil: Mega sword, more like sword too big for the screen if I do say so myself. I'm trying dash over here, and bam I hit a tree! Why can't I just run to my destination!

Kent: You don't have worry that dad... Since you only get the mega sword if you have full health. Which you never.

Phil: What you little punk! Back in my day we had a little game called Zelda II. If you had full health, you had this little magically shooty thing coming out of your sword. I was a master of that game!

Kent: Zelda is so old, unless you're talking about that baby Zelda game, where the main character is like a child. A child with bone chillin moves.

Phil: I don't want to play that baby game! That's why I'm playing 3D Dot Heroes to get my Old School disco back. This game has stolen that though! It's exactly like Zelda!

Kent: That's what it's suppose to be! The game developers sat down, and wanted to take the best worlds possible and put it into the game. You Know it!!

Phil: Fine I'll look past it. They don't have to remind me though each time I find a dead guy... they make a joke. This soldier died! What do the game developers care though!

Kent: You need to take a breather walk down to the old man store, and get some old man stuff.

Phil: I can't! They closed at 4!

Kent: This review isn't about you! I'm going to talk about what I liked about this game! Mega sword, bombs, boomerang, and chickens! This game is a classic adventure!

Phil: I disagree... this review is about me. Enough said, I'm ending this review saying, yeah, this game is pretty cool and all, but come on. Zelda, Gauntlet, Crono Trigger, Lego Batman... these are all classics! I'm giving this game a 3.56 out of 5! That's it! This review is.


Kent: The game deserves at least! A 3.72 out of 5! Any classical old school gamer will like this!


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