Jun 13, 2010

Thoughts on Dual Survival

I'm a big fan of Survivorman, so when I saw a commercial for Dual Survival I knew I had to check it out. Dual Survival is on the Discovery Channel, and takes two different guys out into the wild to work together and survive. One of the guys named Dave Canterbury was in the military, and won't let mother nature push him around. The other guy named Cody Lundin is more of a hippy, and wants to be one with mother nature.

What I was worried about with this show was them arguing on what to do. I don't want to watch drama, I want to see survival techniques, two men working together, and sharing their ideas. If I want to see drama I will watch Survivor the reality game show. I'm very happy that the show is exactly what I wanted. Sure there was a little fighting, but these two people were smart enough to know that if you want to survive you have to work as a team.

Seeing both people with different outlooks on how to survive was very interesting. They both showed they had great ideas, and knew a lot about the outdoors. Cody built a great shelter that I've never seen before that was great for keeping heat in. Dave showed great hunting techniques, and how to catch wildlife.

I have really nothing to complain about except for the length of time. It seemed like they were only out there for 3 to 4 days. What I loved about Survivorman was that he was out there for 7 days, he would go without food for 3 days, and that's when the real surviving started.

Final Say:
I still like Survivorman better because he was surviving longer, and he video taped everything himself, but Dual Survival is still a great show. There are not too many survival shows on T.V. (Survivor the reality game show doesn't count), but I'm always a fan of seeing them. I will continue watching Dual Survival weekly, and erge everyone to check it out. You might learn a thing or two about survival.

Final Warning!!!! The show did contain some gore, and killing of an animal. For people that are against seeing a Porcupine's intestines, might want to close your eyes during this scene, or check out a different show.

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