Jul 28, 2010

Battleship the Movie With Rihanna

Maybe I've been lost, but this is the first I've heard of a movie being made about the board game Battleship (was Battleship a board game?). Well the first news I do hear about this movie is that the singer Rihanna will be in this movie. I'm not sure what to think about this, because I don't like Rihanna's music.

Now that I know there will be a Battleship movie, I'm trying to ponder what will even happen in such a film. I will have to guess that it will be either Top Gun, or The Poseidon Adventure. It could be like Top Gun because when you sink a Battleship, are you calling in air-strikes, or do you have a torpedo? I think air-strikes would make the movie more interesting. While I think the Top Gun prediction is more likely, it's possible it could be like The Poseidon Adventure.

I want this movie to be epic because I've always liked the game. Something inside me tells me that it won't. There isn't that many board game influenced movies. I can think of the movie Clue... that's it (Jumanji doesn't count). Now there's a list of board game movies coming out (Candy Land, Ouija Board, Monopoly, ect.).

I see no Chutes and Ladders movie being made. I think that could be an awesome movie. Some competition course where kids, or adults fight to the top. Using the ladders and chutes to their advantage. Staring Justin Bieber as an annoying kid named Chutes that falls down a chute in the first half an hour of the movie.

Justin Bieber's Character in Chutes and Ladders

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