Jul 13, 2010

Brain Age The Speedrun

If you have a DS chances are that you've played Brain Age. It seemed there was a short period of time where training your brain was popular. It must have been a fad and passed because I don't see as many brain test type games coming out anymore.

I thought that these brain type games like Brain Age, and Big Brain Academy were fun to play. Which I find surprising. Who would think doing a bunch of math problem, memorizing where things are, and counting coins would be fun?

The worst part of Brain Age was probably the stylus recognition. I always had a problem writing a 4 while playing, but that's where today's blog comes in. It's a Brain Age speedrun that shows how crappy the stylus recognition is. Stead of using numbers the person doing the speedrun draws Nintendo related objects, and characters from Mario, to a Super Nintendo!

This speedrun is tool assisted which means the person used a program to save when they did good, and load to the previous spot when they did bad. Usually people, including myself, get a little angry when people do this, but with this Brain Age speedrun I'm perfectly fine with it. It's like no other speedrun I've ever seen, and showing the many different Nintendo characters was 100% awesome!

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