Jul 31, 2010

CBVGR: Saboteur


Script: Welcome to the Clearance Bin Video Game Review by Organized Remains. We're reviewing The Saboteur on the PS3. It's also available on the Xbox 360. I received a tip for this game from PSPFan2468. He told us that The Saboteur could be found new for $19.99 at Wal-Mart. Luckily now Amazon also has it brand new for $19.99, or used around $15. $15 to $20 is kind of a steep drop for a game that just came out in December.

Before I started playing this, I thought it was some monster or alien game, but I was way off. I have noticed that the Eiffel Tower is right on the cover! The game isn't a monster game, you play as an Irishman named Sean during WWII in France. Sean looks like that guy from The Boondock Saints, and sounds like the pro wrestler, Sheamus. Sean doesn't like Nazis (I won't spoil the reason why), and decides to start a revolution with a man named Luc. The story is very good: from rescuing friends, to watching plans unfold for take over. The voice acting is great for the roles as well.

As for game-play, it's like... *sigh* Grand Theft Auto. Can't we come up with a word for this type of game? I feel like a lot of games I play I say, "It's similar to Grand Theft Auto." What's different about this game though is stealth. Stealth becomes a big part of the game, as you can steal the clothes right off the back of a Nazi and blend in. This becomes very helpful in a lot of missions. Also this game features some climbing, because mostly every building is climbable. Though the controls can glitch up sometimes, the controls and game-play are pretty solid. Which is great, because usually when a game tries to have a bunch of traits to it... it doesn't really focus on the game, but how many traits they can shove into one guy.

The setting to this game is beautiful; the city, the buildings, the cars, all of it. You may notice that some parts are in black and white, and some are in color. That's because when no one respects what you're doing, the section of the city is in black and white. If people like you in the section of the city, the city will appear in color.

There is also a perks system in this game. It's almost like leveling up in a RPG. You can gain skills, and become a better character. While the perks system is great, I do wish they could have added more perks to get, like a climbing one, where you can climb greater distances. There are parts to this game where I feel like my character should be able to jump that far, but he can't.

For the most part this is a pretty solid game, but that doesn't mean I don't have complaints. I would love to see a Saboteur 2 which might not happen since the people that made this Pandemic won't be making games anymore. If it does get a sequel I hope it fixes the map, and you'll only have to press one button to open it up. To access the map I have to press start, press x to view a small map, and then press x again to view the full size map. This would be fine, but there is loading involved. Also another thing I would have liked is the idea of a teleport. Yes I know it doesn't exist, but I really don't want to drive across the whole map just to access a mission. I would much rather click a button and be there in the matter of seconds (hoping no long loading).

Final Say: I loved the game, and I'm hoping for a second one. The story, characters, and setting made it very nice to hear, and see. The gameplay isn't the best, but hey! I thought it worked. For the second one, if they fix the controls from glitching at points, had an easy map access, and added climbing perks then they will have a most-excellent game. Is The Saboteur worth the $19.99? I would have to say yes! The main story will take you around 9 hours, but there are side missions to complete, and Nazi property to destroy meaning many more hours of gameplay.

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