Jul 7, 2010

Farmville Update

I like video games, but there is one game that I've never actually played before. That game happens to be the most popular online game. Of course I'm talking about Farmville, which is a game all the people that bad mouth video games are playing. I spend too much time with video games? You have a golden farm with 3 endangered bald eagles flying around your barn.

Most of us now use Firefox, and recently there was an update. According to Kotaku the only thing Firefox updated was a bug that was making it hard for people to play Farmville. I'm not sure if you will ever hear this about any other game. Oh You're having problems playing Runescape on Firefox? That's just too bad, because I mean if you're still addicted to Runescape... have you not even played World of Warcraft?

So is Farmville the end of us? Yes... yes it is. Eat your heart out Harvest Moon.

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