Jul 22, 2010

Lots of Facebook

There were times people told me that sites like Myspace should be banned from the internet. Now the exact same people are using Facebook. Not really sure what to call these types of people, but I do know that there are a lot of them. So many that there's more than 500 million users.

Now there probably isn't really that many people using it, you have to figure some people have two accounts. For some reason people will go through making one, and then just decide they need a new one. I get Facebook recommendations to two Facebook friends... both the accounts are of the same person. Also you have to think that there must be at least 1 million accounts people made of fake people to stalk someone.

Sure Facebook could be the collapse of society, but lets not whine about it. For example it should be law, that if you have a Facebook account you can not say, "OMG, you guys are talking about Facebook?" I had this happen after a friend posted something on his wall, and I brought it up, because I wanted to ask a question about it. Then a third person walked into the conversation and said, "OMG, you guys are talking about Facebook?"

Alright there can be exceptions to the previous rule. Obviously if you're the type of person that have more than 50% of their conversations involve Facebook... then you need a therapy... a special type of therapy like a Facebook therapy.

If I asked you what the greatest things that came from Facebook were, you would probably have some crappy answer, "Getting in touch with old friends, getting in touch with people I didn't like in school, getting in touch with my farmer side, and getting in touch with my pokings." Well that would be a wrong answer, the real answer is Lamebook and Failbook. People being stupid on Facebook is amazingly entertaining.

Still no dislike button.

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