Jul 18, 2010

Man, Woman, Wild

Man, Woman, Wild... Man vs. Wild, Survivor Man... we've seen these words before. We haven't seen the word Woman appear in a survivor show yet. Not to long ago, I talked about a new show on the Discovery Channel called Dual Survival. Now Friday night has became survival night with the new show Man, Woman, Wild.

They take the basic survival show formula, and add a married couple to the mix. When I think of a married couple trying to work together, I think of a lot of nagging back and forth and... more nagging. I don't want a drama show like the game show Survivor. I want to see a survival show were the grand prize is home.

Before seeing the show I thought this couple were both experts. I was wrong, and this isn't a bad thing. The husband Mykel Hawke is the survival expert, and the wife Ruth England is not. The point of the show is obviously survival, but it also shows Mykel teaching Ruth the ways of survival, and I found this to work great for the show.

I would think seeing all these survival shows, I would see the same thing over and over, but the different shows show different techniques. When Mykel is teaching Ruth ways of survival, there's also teachings coming through the T.V. to you.

Sure there was a little human drama, but I've got to give it to Discovery. They make these trailers, and in all the trailers it shows the drama part. This lures the drama loving people into the show, and that 30 second trailer was the biggest drama part of the episode. I don't want to call people that watch the game shows like Survivor a waste of humanity... but, if you watch Survivor, and don't watch a real survival show, I don't see what the point is. If you're going to spend 1 hour infront of the T.V. watching fake survival, or real survival... wouldn't real survival be better?

Final Say: I found the show to be great, and educational. I will be tuning in next week to watch the next episode along with Dual Survival. I suggest anyone that likes survival shows to check it out, and if you watch the game show Survivor, it's time to give a real survival show a chance.

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  1. They seem to be keeping very clean for living in the wilderness for four days. Clean, neat hair, no beard. They must be going somewhere to get cleaned up.

  2. If I were stranded in the middle of nowhere the first thing I would want is a whiny woman beside me. If I were Mykel I would have canceled the contact after the first episode because Ruth did not get any better if anything she got worse as the shows progressed.