Jul 11, 2010

Monkey Island 2

If you've been to Organized Remain's Backloggery lately, you would see there are a lot of games under the "now playing". I've almost finished A Boy and His Blob, but before I could finish it the new remake of Monkey Island 2 came out! Sorry A Boy and His Blob, but Monkey Island has to come first!

I just finished Monkey Island 2, and the remake was fantastic! I recommend everyone to play it as it's the most hilarious game you'll ever play.

Also Monkey Island related: I received the Tales of Monkey Island Deluxe Edition in the mail. If you don't know what Tales of Monkey Island is, it's the newest Monkey Island games being made by Telltale Games. While sadly I haven't really got a chance to play through the Tales of Monkey Island, I must say that the deluxe edition is awesome.

I first opened the mail package to see a cardboard treasure chest. It came with a bunch of stuff. First of all it came with the game (which is rare to own a disk from Telltale Games). On the disk is DVD extras and the game itself. The cardboard sleeve has cutables from the back so you can have figurines. I want the figurines, but I don't want to ruin the packaging!

I received a bandana which is in the background of the picture. Also a pin, coin, card, and a coaster. The card I'm not sure about, but I figure I will know once I start playing the game.

Yes it was extra money, but I pre-ordered it a while ago... and actually forgot about it. They said the deluxe edition wouldn't be ready until all the chapters of the game were out. When I got the package in the mail it was a great surprise! As a Monkey Island fan, I'm very happy!

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