Jul 14, 2010

Rainn Wilson Getting Sued

According to Bizjournals.com, one of the stars of The Office, Rainn Wilson (Dwight Shrute) is getting sued by a Portland web developer who created a social networking site called SoulPancake. It's not so much up the ally of Twitter as it is up the ally of Yahoo Answers, but more community-loving, everyone's my neighbor with a story, deal. Wilson has some good points as to why things with his developer went sour, not making him look like a total bad guy, but so much of the article sounds like it was written as a storyline for Dwight Shrute. So omitting the not as funny benefit of the doubt portion of the article, this is how this particular Office story goes.

* Dwight hires Ryan to create a website that turns everyone on it into slaves. His plan is to make everyone frequent his website to improve philosophical awareness as well as general ponderings about life. His own personal use includes posting thought-provoking questions like "If the earth's sun gives Superman the ability to levitate and fly, how does Superman control the speed of his flight?" and "How does one go about reversing the dental staining from frequent consumption of beets?".

* Ryan enters a handshake agreement with Dwight about monthly payments, and Ryan even negotiates partial ownership and further royalties from the website.

* After a year, Dwight tells Ryan that he's not going to get paid another dime because he's overpaid and underworked. Ryan tells Dwight that's not how things work. Dwight flips things, stating he's gotten all he needs from Ryan in creating and maintaining the website and terminates him. Ryan argues "Uh, I own part of the company, and I say I'm not fired." Dwight refuses to acknowledge Ryan's partial ownership and re-fires him. Ryan looks into the camera with a "seriously?" look.

* Dwight informs viewers of The Office in a private sit-down interview that Ryan's attempts to fight him on the subject show what a dishonorable little snot he is, and in the forest, there's no law against destroying the traitors and using their bones to ensure your own survival.

* When Ryan pesters Dwight for continual payments, as he still maintains and upkeeps the website, Dwight secretly hacks into Ryan's code and deletes anything personalized by Ryan to call the site his own work. But wait! There's still all that evidence of Ryan's creation on his own personal computer. Well naturally, Dwight kidnaps Ryan's computer and buries it six feet under his farmland.

* Ryan threatens Dwight with legal action, making the entire Office tense. Dwight responds with slanderous flash animations sent to everyone's email, warning them not to hire Ryan for any web developing work.

* When not building his case against Dwight with a lawyer, Ryan posts his angry ramblings about Dwight on clientsfromhell.net. Three weeks later, Dwight's website internally combusts as he gets drunk on power and makes tyrannical demands from all the site's users.

*To be continued two-part episode leaving everyone hanging.

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