Jul 9, 2010

Review of Video Games Awesome


Script: This is Nick from Organized Remains doing a review of the Video Games Awesome DVD. Video Games Awesome is a web series that features Chet, Ace, and Dad. Chet and Ace play the games, and Dad complains about the trash. I always loved the series, so getting the DVD was a must.

The DVD, and the case itself are pretty awesome. First of all the four guys that make it possible slam their signatures down on the case! The graphics on the case are killer, and the DVDs look as great!

As for the DVD menu... It's awesome! I've never seen cooler DVD menus as this one. Taking the style of Super Mario Bros, and putting in the characters of the show made it great to see.

As for the videos shown here, I obviously liked them since I love them on the internets. The quality is much better than it is on the internet, and no buffering! I also really liked the commentary, and bonus content, these guys are just a lot of fun to listen too.

Final Say:
As one of the most underrated web series out there, you need to check out Video Games Awesome. Check out some of there videos out on the internet, and if you like a couple of them you will like all of them. I suggest checking a couple of them out, and then spend the money on the DVD. The better quality makes it a lot more enjoyable. My only problem with Video Games Awesome is that it's not funded enough! If Organized Remains, was a big, rich, epically proportioned web site, I would try and sponsor these guys, but sadly that's not the case... yet. Hopefully they've made a lot of money from DVD sales. So they can just build the web series into and epically ground breaking series, and have new episodes galore! Also I got the idea from them to put links to things after the video on YouTube.

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