Jul 26, 2010

Snake (Video Game) on Youtube

One awesome shirt!

Wasting time on the internet is a national pastime. Now you can waste time... while wasting time! BikdipOnABus is an internet hero some would say by finding out pressing left and up at the same time on the keyboard will enable you to play the classic game of Snake. Well... to be fair BikdipOnABus wasn't the one that discovered it, but he was the one nice enough to make a video showing details.

Most of us know the game of Snake. There was a time cell phones came with it. If you don't know what Snake is, you must have just discovered what technology was yesterday. I would give you a link to go play Snake, but why bother, you can play it in a Youtube video!

Please add Pong.

1 comment:

  1. As far as I can tell, the video doesn't have to be in the gaming category like he says in that video. That's really awesome though.