Jul 12, 2010

Surrogates Review

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Human beings are so yesterday, and today everyone's just plugged into a chair that feeds their brain into an android. 500 lb. losers can look like super models and the crippled can walk again, what a great thing these Surrogates are! Except for the crazies who think robots are the work of the devil. So it's kind of like I-Robot meets The Matrix, especially in that the story follows Bruce Willis as a cop who's not a big fan of Surrogates (but has/uses one anyways). In a conflict of interests, Willis has to hunt down a psycho using a weapon that not only kills Surrogates but instantly kills the mortal as well.

What stood out most to me was that a lot of people really hated this movie but I thought it wasn't that awful. People seemed angered that the delivery couldn't live up to the "unique" premise, but I didn't think the premise was all that unique, and I knew going in that it was just going to be a popcorn-eating, car-chasing, fire-fight gunning action film with a sci-fi twist. Come on, it's Bruce Willis, how much subtlety could the movie have really mustered?

What stood out almost as much was that the film pretty much crapped the bed in the last half an hour or so. The main villain reveals himself in a way that makes you think it's a lie further meant to mess with Bruce Willis' head, but uh... nope. And because of the delivery of the reveal, I really was disappointed with the choice of villain. And then Bruce Willis' final choice at the end of the film seemed so ... eh! There are no words. It was a poor choice, I'll say that. It's like they tried for complex and flawed but what came off was "well that was stupid. I guess I can just ignore any character development created in the film."

My Highlights:
I thought the best fit for this sci-fi film was the nerd who's job it was to monitor all the Surrogates activity for the government. I also liked the use of Bruce Willis' police-partner at the end. It created a whole new twist on the premise.

Overall Rating:
Despite the film not being the "OMG WORST MOVIE EVERZZ!~!1" that I heard it was, it still wasn't a great film. I'd give it 2 1/2 *'s out of 5, or 5 *'s out of 10. It was what it was. When it comes to movies about androids, Blade Runner did it better. And The Matrix, which was similar. And maybe even I-Robot, though that may be a tie.

When You Should See It:
Just pass it up. If it comes on and there's NOTHING else on, it's not worth turning off the TV to do something productive and mentally stimulating, but it's really not that great. There are better movies out there.

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