Jul 17, 2010

Want To Be An Hero To The Internet?

According to nerdbastards.com, Fred Phelps' obnoxious protest hate-group, The Westboro Baptist Church are attending the San Diego Comic-Con! If you don't know who the WBC are, here's a quick run-down.

- They're the definitive uber-bible thumpers
- They have no real understanding of the bible themselves
- They hate gays
- They protest outside all state capitol buildings at some point no matter how irrelevant your town is to try to urge people not to allow gay marriage, or civil unions.
- They hate the military
- They show up at military funerals to protest and yell things to imply the deceased deserved it.
- The adults are bad enough, but their kids are in attendance and totally brainwashed
- They hate anyone not Christian.
- They hate anyone not "truly" Christian. Meaning their own version of the religion.
- They hate everyone.
- They hate you.
- They feed off of publicity and drawing hatred from people.
- They apparently hate comic book nerds.
- Through legal loophole, they can legally protest anywhere, about anything, waving signs as vulgar as they please and shout things as vulgar as they please.
- So long as they stay within their legally defined protest geographic parameters (ex: they can't ATTEND the funeral, they have to be across the street), and do not resort to physicality themselves, there is nothing you can do about it.
- The last part to that last statement is not true.

Because the Westboro Baptist Church are SO busy, they typically only protest for about an hour or two. At the comic-con, with all the heavy foot-traffic mid-day, they're only planning to be there for forty-five minutes. What should you do to these n00bz? The same thing you do to all n00bz. Pwn them. Pwn them at their own game.

Counter Protest!

This is Comic Con ladies and gentlemen. This is where nerds and creativity come to shine. Not one of these have anything better to do than to come up with creative counter-chants, signs, or monetary profiteering at the WBC's expense. Maybe the comic artists in attendance will create an a comic specially marketed against the WBC. Either way, I've got my fingers crossed that this will result in about a hundred hilarious pwning youtube videos from the forty-five minutes the WBC will be in attendance.

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