Aug 16, 2010

The Book Of Eli Review

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Denzel Washington plays Jesus and spreads the good word of God by tongue and by gun, not to mention a big freaking machete. Or to be technical, he plays Eli, traveling through a post-apocalyptic world to head west where he can deliver the last existing copy of the holy bible. It's a quest he doesn't take lightly so anyone who crosses him, especially an evil corporate mayor (Gary Oldman) feels the wrath of God!

There is one negative aspect to this film that stood out to me the entire way. Product placement. Some of it I'll give the benefit of the doubt, because I might have been a little confused what was going on when he started sponging himself with a wet-nap if it hadn't had the KFC logo on it, but when Gary Oldman pulls out a Motorola megaphone, the whole concept becomes a joke. Use of an iPod I'll put somewhere in-between the two extremes, because while I never saw an Apple logo on it, I had trouble buying that as fragile and bogus as iPods are they survived through the Apocalypse.

My Highlights:
The big reveal about Eli's character, Gary Oldman getting what was coming to him, and anytime Denzel Washington used a machete. I'm sure the footage was sped up to make Washington look like he can kill you faster than you can blink, but I still loved it. Heck, maybe his arms were just CGI, but they were freaking sweet.

Overall Rating:
Because of the twist at the end, I'm not sure I would want to watch it again, because I'd just spend the entire film trying to see if all the dots lined up and the ending "made sense". But it was a really cool movie with a really cool ending. Some of it you have to suspend your belief for but it kicked butt overall. I give this film 4 1/4 *'s out of 5, or 8 1/2 out of 10. It made the bible cool again!

Nick's Rating: Cool movie that reminded me of Mad Max, but nothing groundbreaking. 3.5 *'s out of 5

When You Should See It:
The next time you're looking for an action movie. The people who like brain-dead, non-thinker, popcorn action will like it, and the people who like intellectual, deeply seeded, morally ambiguous action will like it. Either way, I highly recommend seeing it.

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