Aug 15, 2010

Breaking Bad Thoughts

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I've recently been renting the T.V. series Breaking Bad on Blu Ray. A couple of people have recommended this to me, and I finally decided to give it a rent. I'm almost done the second season, and from what I've watched I'm very happy with it.

Check out this great trailer for the show:

Another show that I love that is pretty similar in concept is Weeds. Someone in the family is going through a rough time, and to make money they sell drugs. Obviously nothing ever goes to plan, and everything turns into a disaster.

As I got through a couple of episodes, I knew that Breaking Bad would become one of my favorite shows. Everything is great: the plot, the setting, the characters, and the suspense. Each actor and actress does an amazing job at their role. Most people that haven't seen the show say, "Isn't the main character the dad from Malcolm In The Middle?" While this is true, once you watch this show you won't even think about comparing Bryan Cranston's Breaking Bad character to his character in Malcolm In The Middle. They're just too different from each other.

Final Say: I love the show, and I can't wait to catch up on Season 3 when it comes out. If you like the show Weeds, you will love Breaking Bad. If you haven't seen either show, then give them each a chance (Weeds is on Netflix Instant Watch). I suggest renting Breaking Bad, instead of catching it on T.V. The episodes don't tell you what happened last, so you might get lost.

Before you even rent it, check out Amazon, because they let you watch the first episode of Breaking Bad for free. LINK - Scroll down a little, and click the episode named pilot.

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