Aug 8, 2010

Chris Jericho: A Lion's Tale Review

For those who have never heard of Chris Jericho, he's a former 1 time ECW Television Champion, 4 time WCW Cruiserweight Champion, 1 time WCW Television Champion, 2 time WCW World Champion, 1 time WWE Heavyweight Champion, 3 time WWE World Champion, 9 time WWE Intercontinental Champion, 4 time WWE World Tag Team Champion, 1 time WWE Tag Team Champion, 1 time WWE European Champion, 1 time WWE Hardcore Champion, 2 time WWE Slammy Award Winner, "The Ayatollah of Rock 'n' Rolla", "The King of the World", "The Man of 1004 Holds", and the self-proclaimed "Best In The World At What He Does".

In this 2007 self-written autobiography, Chris Jericho details his life and career only up until his 1999 debut in WWE. Jericho's trials and tribulations, scratching and clawing to make it to WWE sees family issues, drugs, sex, battle with religion and morals, egos, and life-lessons. It's also a great exposure to the inside world of professional wrestling, as he details intricate notions such as how to cut a good promo (hype-interview), Do's and Don'ts of top rope aerial attacks, dealing with bosses who stiff you for pay and getting demoted over nonsensical reasons.

As only Chris Jericho can, every page is full of laughs and/or heartbreak. A born story teller, I HIGHLY recommend this book to all my readers, especially if you've ever seen professional wrestling. It doesn't matter if you used to watch it in the 90's and haven't turned it on since, if you've watched everything since the 1970's religiously, or if you only just once turned on an episode of Monday Night RAW. It's a great read and isn't constricted to strict, professional writer's etiquette. It's written more like a story your friend told you with such nuggets as "I Keed." and "He had finally decided that it was my time for me to become eeeeeevil and he was right." I give this book 5 *'s out of 5 and can't wait for Jericho's upcoming sequel where he'll detail his time working for WWE, a feat few have done while still maintaining work there.

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