Oct 27, 2010

Iron Maiden - The Final Frontier Review

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Artist: Iron Maiden
Album: The Final Frontier
Release Date: August 13, 2010
Tracks: 10
Runtime: 76:34

Track Rundown:
(All ratings out of 5 *'s)

1) "Satellite 15...The Final Frontier"
There are two parts to this song. The first half is basically an intro to the song and album. It's pretty awesome, and gets you pumped up for the album. It transitions right into the second part of the song which is pretty different, but it does a great job transitioning. I really like this song. 5*'s and a great way to start the album.

2) "El Dorado"
The first 20 seconds sounds like an ending to a song. Just the guitar, drums, bass going crazy. Then comes an awesome bass riff with all the other instruments. As the lyrics come in everything falls into place. It's a pretty metal song, and gets 5*'s.

3) "Mother of Mercy"
Mother of Mercy is a pretty good song, and I love the main chorus. I wish there was more of the chorus! While the whole song is good. The last 90 seconds to this song is very awesome to bump this song up to a 4.5*'s.

4) "Coming Home"
In the beginning, this song reminded me of the album Fear of the Dark which happens to be my favorite Maiden album. The whole song is a good listen, but nothing spectacular. 3.5*'s is what I give it, but you might like it more if you like the slower Maiden songs.

5) "The Alchemist"
Not as fast as El Dorado, but shows not all Maiden songs need to be fast to be good. This song is great, and it gets 5*'s.

6) "Isle of Avalon"
More than halfway through the album, and it's still going strong. Isle of Avalon is a mix of slow and fast. There isn't much to say except it's a cool song, and gets 4*'s.

7) "Starblind"
Starblind is another mix of slow, and fast, but mostly slow. It's one of the shortest songs on the CD (7:48, yes mostly every song is over 8 mins), but it seems to drag a little, and I think it would have been better if a bit shorter. Still a good song besides it being a little long getting 3.5*'s.

8) "The Talisman"
The first quarter of this song is basically just guitar and vocals. It's alright, but the song really becomes awesome in the second half. The first half is good for vocals, but the second half is awesome for everything! 4*'s for The Talisman.

9) "The Man Who Would Be King"
This song is just like the Talisman, where it's basically guitar and vocals. Then at the half point picks up and becomes faster. I would choose The Talisman over The man Who Would Be King though, but it's still a good song. 3.25*'s because it's good, but a little long.

10) "When the Wild Wind Blows"
Following the previous two songs, it's slow in the beginning, but faster near the end. It's an alright song, but my least favorite of the album. Also it doesn't help that it's the longest song on the album. 3*'s while it's quality music, it's the downpoint of the album.

Overall Rating:

I love Maiden, and I love the album. Averaging the numbers this album gets 4*'s out of 5. A great score to a great album. The first half is the best of the album, but you should always check out the rest of it. I happen to be a fan of Maiden's faster material. I know there are fans that like their slower material more, so you might like the second half more. Give this album a buy! Also, our friend Ethos Reviews has done a video review. Check it out if you want a second opinion.

Oh wait! There is more!
That's right I got the Mission Edition! Is it worth it? I would say the $2 is worth it if you're a Maiden fan. You get a lot of photos and music videos. Also you get a cool Iron Maiden game that is a nice touch.

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