Aug 7, 2010

Review: The Simpson's Scene It

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The Simpsons is my all time favorite show. I have a ton of Simpsons collectibles, and a ton of their board games. It took me a while, but I finally got my hands on The Simpson's Scene It game. I have Scene It for the Xbox 360, and also the regular board game, and it's a lot of fun to play. If you don't know to much about Scene It, it's a DVD game. The regular version requires a board, but the Scene It on the consoles does not. The board and the DVD interact with each other, giving you scenes from pop culture and trivia questions.

The Simpsons' version of course has everything Simpsons. The character pieces are Blinky the Fish, the Simpsons' T.V., Nuclear Power Plant, and a Squishy. I would have liked having family members as pieces, but I can't really complain. As for the board, there is two ways the board can lay out - a short game, and a long game. I found this to be very creative, and I have never seen this before. It's a really big plus!
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There are two dice - one for amount of spaces to move, and one for what type of trivia you will have to answer. There are also Buzz cards to tell you if you take two spaces or go back two spaces. The board is very simple, and that's how it should be.

Luckily Shawn and my brother Jon are as big of Simpsons fans as myself. The game went pretty even. This could be a problem when playing against someone that doesn't have as much knowledge. If this is the case, I suggest coming up with a handicap system. Maybe let the lame person be able to pass to another question once in awhile.

Final Say: This game was great with all the Simpsons' references. There wasn't much reference to the newer episodes which is awesome for us because we don't really watch the new episodes. You might want to buy some seasons of The Simpsons along with buying this game, because you will want to watch some episodes after you're done playing (May I suggest season 8?). Before rushing out to buy the game, make sure you will have someone to play with. If you're a giant Simpsons fan and have someone to play with, there should be no stopping you. Go get this game next time you see it on a shelf!

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