Aug 5, 2010

Shark's Favorite Cinema

From music, we go to movies. What will sharks love?

Shark Tale
Shark's Thoughts: Shark's love Jack Black, they relate to him. When Jack Black plays a shark the sharks went crazy. Then they found out the Fresh Prince would be in it... THE FRESH PRINCE!

Finding Nemo
Shark's Thoughts: At first the sharks thought they were going to hate Finding Nemo. They watched it till the end with tears in there eyes. Even if Nemo wasn't a shark, they ended up loving him! Trust me, to see tears come out of an animal that lives in water is a site to see, and the only time you will see it is after a viewing of Finding Nemo.

Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus

Shark's Thoughts: Calling a shark "mega" is a win for any shark. Maybe the sharks would hate this movie for the ending, but no shark has ever finished the movie. The reasoning behind this is because the shark gets too hungry for octopus, and leaves for lunch.

Air Bud
Shark's Thoughts: The thought of a dog playing basketball is just funny to a shark.


Eagle Vs. Shark
Shark's Thoughts: No actual sharks, or eagles. Just people dressed up as them. A big disappointment to all sharks.

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