Aug 3, 2010

Shark's Favorite Jams

Shark Week is back on the Discovery, and I wanted to do a shark's favorite jams post! What's a favorite jams post? Well it's when I take a person, a group of something, or an object, and guess what its favorite songs would be. I've only done this once in the pass with The Pope. Lets try it with the whole shark life scene! Maybe you and the sharks will have the same tastes!

Bobby Darin - Splish Splash
Shark's Thoughts: Splish splash I was taking a bath. Sharks just wanna have fun, and want you to know they're not as bad as the T.V. makes them out to be.

Lobster Magnet
Shark's Thoughts: One thing you might not know about sharks is their bond with lobsters. Sharks believe Lobster Magnet is the only song out there that tells the truth about Lobsters. What's a shark's opinion on Rock Lobster? Everyone that has gone out to ask, has never returned.

Gallows - In The Belly of a Shark
Shark's Thoughts: Sure sharks like classy stuff like Bobby Darin, but they also love some metal. This song comes on when it's time to feed, and they need to be pumped up. While In The Belly of a Shark is their favorite metal song, they also like the song Accept - Fast as a Shark.

Pink Floyd - The Great Gig in the Sky
Shark's Thoughts: Just because they live in water, doesn't mean they don't dream about what's out there. When sharks call it a day, they like to relax from all the daily chores with a nice Pink Floyd melody and think about what life is about. While they love the whole Dark Side of the Moon album, The Great Gig in the Sky, just hits their hearts the hardest.


Jaws Theme
Shark's Thoughts: Jaws was the most offensive movie sharks have ever seen. Every time a shark swims, some animal, be it human or sea life ... "Dun Dun... Dun Dun Dun Dun..." SHUT UP!

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