Aug 22, 2010

Smartest Cartoon Ever

According to GeekoSystem, writer of Futurama, Ken Keeler is one smart dude. The premise of the tenth episode of this latest season of Futurama, "The Prisoner of Benda", is that the Professor creates a mind-switching device with an annoying side-effect that no two people who have switched minds can switch directly back. Thus becomes an issue when everyone attempts to find another party to act as a middle-man to restore their brains to their own bodies. Ken Keeler put his phD in mathematics to work, creating a successful math theorem for just how many parties it would take to restore everyone's bodies. While that's all impressive, I'll warn you now that this episode features the most disturbing implied sexual intercourse the show has ever seen. Like... it's bad. Wrong on just so many levels. BUT HERE'S A LINK TO THE BEST 2 1/2 MINUTES OF THE EPISODE!

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