Aug 2, 2010

Snookie Of Jersey Shore Arrested

image from Celebrifi
"A member of MTV's Jersey Shore drunk and disorderly?" "No, really!" "Go on! They seem like such good Christian-folk!"

For anyone who's seen MTV's The Jersey Shore, having a cast member arrested for being drunk and disorderly doesn't seem all that shocking. In fact, it seems like a media-ploy to ruin the season's end by giving away a crucial moment in television! But the story going around according to Comcast's, NYDailyNews and just about any other website that delivers trash-tv news, is that Snookie was pounding Tequila shots, Beer Bongs and Long Island Iced Teas on a Jersey Shore beach (which is interesting, since this latest season that just started features them in Miami. Are all of the episodes already taped that far in advance? That takes away some of the mistique. Or perhaps they were still taping and the self-proclaimed "Guidos" and "Guidettes" take a road-trip back home). Apparently hapless citizens were pushed and cursed at by Snookie, who ended up doing a faceplant in front of everyone. When she was arrested, she did nothing but pull the "I'm a celeb" card and toot her own horn.

We at Organized Remains have only seen a handful of episodes of The Jersey Shore between us, but for the sake of staying hip and in-tune with pop culture, we watched the first episode of the second season just this past Thursday. Whether we watch a second episode could be guessed with the flip of a coin, as we were both pretty indifferent to it. We get the appeal, we were entertained, but it's just not our personal cup of tea. From the first episode I've seen however, Snookie's been my favorite character and the one I sympathize with the most, seeing her as an actual human being rather than an over-the-top gimmick for a show. So personally, I'm not offended or surprised by her arrest. If I were in her shoes, or high-heel pumps, or whatever, I'd probably try to tell police they can't arrest me because I'm on The Jersey Shore too. For all we know, MTV was just late to pay her bail as they've probably done the rest of the times cast members were arrested in episodes of the 'reality' show. So hang in there Snookie! I still support you!

Nick's Thoughts:
Snookie should have been arrested on Thursday. Yeah I watched the first episode of the second season. She talks about Obama putting a tax on tanning. I have wrote about this, and gave tips on how to get a free tan. What I didn't know was Snookie was a big fan of ours! She took my tips, and refuses to pay the tanning tax. What upsets me is that she didn't mention Organized Remain's once! This is copyrighted material, and she stole it from me! This is the true reason she has been arrested after that episoded aired last Thursday.

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