Aug 6, 2010

Superman Saves Family

According to GeeksOfDoom, a family who was about to lose their home to foreclosure just happened to stumble upon in their attic a very good condition, first issue of Action Comics #1! This is the comic that changed the world, debuting Superman and kicked off the Superhero genre. They gave New York a jingle and got in touch with Stephen Fishler, co-owner of Comic Connect and Metropolis Collectibles. Stephen Fishler's resume aside, he's best known for formally selling an original issue of Action Comics #1 for a cool million, but then said "I can do better." Fishler later got his hands on another original issue of Action Comics #1 and sold that puppy for $1.5 million. Now granted, Fishler would be a bad businessperson to give this family in dire straights the kind of money he would then sell it for, but they stand to make at bare minimum $250,000! Unless the family had a mansion, this should help quite considerably. And to Superman, we thank you with a youtube tribute!

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