Aug 24, 2010

This Is Not The News You're Looking For

According to The Hollywood Reporter, George Lucas is laying the court-room Smackdown on a little-known toy company. Here's the twist, this isn't a knock on him, we're on his side. The toy company's name is Jedi Mind Inc. and they're producing toys that involve using your mind to levitate and manipulate objects. The ability to do that is awesome, and from what I've seen is becoming the next big fad. But while they have a great idea... come on! They're called Jedi Mind Inc! How did they not expect legal action? Here's what makes it harder to be on their side. Lucas sent them not one, but two cease-and-desist letters. I'm sure Lucas can't trademark telekinesis but when you slap a name on it that is a word he invented, come on, the hammer's gotta fall sooner or later.

We here at Organized Remains have two predictions for this court case. The first is that this Jedi Mind Inc will enter the room to The Imperial March.

The second prediction we're calling now is that Lucas' team of six lawyers will decidedly win the case, but only because of the work put forth by three of those lawyers. The other three will be long, drawn-out, and somewhat contradictory to the progress the case made.

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