Aug 31, 2010

Xbox Live Going Going Gone! (Prices wise)

Xbox people are not happy these days because of a price increase that is set to happen in November. For one year the price of Xbox live will be $60 going up $10. People are threatening to quit due to the change in Digg... I mean Xbox Live.

What's my thoughts on this? To quote Cheapy D over at, "Has any CAG in their life ever paid full price for Live anyway?" I have to agree with him. You only need to pay for membership once a year. During the year many different retailers offer great sales of Xbox Live 12 Month cards. The lowest I've seen them at is $30.00.

Still, a price rise is not something no one wants to see. Everyone has just been cranky lately, school starting, everyone getting used to Reddit, and now Xbox Live. Good news though is that the DSI, and DSI XL are both getting price drops! Also It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is coming back in a couple of weeks!

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